April 18, 2012

Convert Your Works into Interactive Books for the iPad

Ancient Astronaut Theorist-Proof

Imagine this. You wrote some incredible archeological material in 2012. It was a stunning break thru and you published your material in a nicely bound, expensive textbook format with a self-publisher. Sales went okay but it was expensive to produce the book and it costs tons of money for students to buy and use. And how was it dragging boxes of them from annual meeting to annual meeting?

Now fast forward to the year 3012. All that great work you did and published in print, well, we all know what happens to paper after a thousand years… Even worse, what happens when work is carved into stone and amateurs or those looking to make tons of money with exaggerated claims get access to historic TV shows.

Convert Your Works to the Interactive Book for the iPad

Interactive Books for the iPad

There now have been more than 55 Million iPads sold worldwide and they’re being sold to those of all ages.

These are not e-Pub books. They’re not static publications like a paperback or hardback.

These books are alive with:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interactive graphics
  • 3D animations
  • Quizzes
  • Note-taking sections within the book for interactivity between shared readers.

The message of an interactive book for the iPad is so clear, chances are than 1,000 years from now there’s little chance anyone is going to be saying your incredible insight and discoveries were the work of Extraterrestrials.

Call The Wonders Expedition Today

We have representatives in Memphis for the 2012 Society for American Archeology meeting. We’d enjoy meeting with you in Memphis and talking about how we can quickly convert your works over to the interactive book format for the iPad at a reasonable cost that will have you on iTunes selling your books in no time.

Call us today at 972-863-8784 to arrange a meeting. If we miss you in Memphis, we can still work with you through a host of online platforms to make your book come alive and make it all but Ancient Astronaut Theory-proof….




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