February 17, 2019

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Wonders of the World

We are a Dallas, Texas-based publishing company focused on writing the first, and most advanced High Definition Interactive Books for kids of all ages for the iPad about more than 250 Wonders of the World.

There were more than seven Wonders of the World.  There were Wonders of the World in ancient and medieval times, and there are even modern Wonders of the World.

The sites we have selected have fascinated and puzzled generations. How were they made? Why were they made? How were they designed so intricately with the crude tools we think they had available?

Through our Website and our books, the first to be released in mid-2012, kids of all ages will be able to study not only the whys and hows, but also launch on a real or virtual, augmented reality expedition of their own to explore the true nature, historic facts, archeological and archeoastronomical aspects of all the Wonders of the World.

TWE Wonders Sites

AfricaMore than just the Pyramids, Africa offers a rich and exciting archeoastronomic history. Many maintain it is the true cradle of civilization.

AsiaAcross Asia there are dozens of intriguing and puzzling sites we’ve added to our list.  From temples, to wells, to religious centers.  It has it all.

AustraliaAustralian Aborigines may have been some of the earliest astronomers on the planet and they were careful to record their thoughts for us to see.

North AmericaNorth American Indians long have been portrayed as savages and uncivilized. Our findings prove otherwise.

Central/South AmericaThe Olmec, Inca, Mayans and dozens of other cultures have provided us with some of the most fascinating places on earth within South America.

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