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April 22, 2021

Maya Myth Moment–Dr. Mark Van Stone Explains Dec. 21 2012 Facts

Maya Myth Moment–Dr. Mark Van Stone Explains Dec. 21 2012 Facts

In today’s Maya Myth Moment, we are sharing with you an outtake from our two-day marathon of interviews with Dr. Mark Van Stone and 12 other Maya Scholars while we were on location in Memphis for the Society of American Archaeologymeeting in Memphis in April, 2012.

This is one of the many Justin Kerr photos of Bolon Yokte and other Maya lore Dr. Van Stone used in his book for iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya.

Much has been written and frankly made up about what is supposed to happen on Dec. 21, 2012.  Well here are some actual facts about what was predicted for that day.  Essentially, Bolon Yokte, a Maya god, is supposed to reappear on earth.  What’s he going to do when he gets here?  We’ll let Dr. Van Stone explain that.

So much has been spun about a Galactic Alignment on Dec. 21, 2012.  Dr. Van Stone will talk about that, too.

2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya

We endeavored for more than one half of the year to take Dr. Van Stone’s original 2010-published text book 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya and turn it into an exciting book for iPad. The book now is available for $14.99 on the iBookstore. In it are 53 videos of 15 world-renowned Maya scholars explaining about these fascinating and real people who inhabited Mesoamerica so many years ago. A people who modern snake oil salesmen, fortune tellers and New Agers have added so much nonsense to, it’s almost difficult to get to what they really said.  Another difficulty is that so much of the Maya civilization remains buried in the jungles of Mesoamerica awaiting discovery.

Our book for iPad, produced by our parent company, Claxton Creative, LLC, is the only resource like it in the world on the subject of the Maya and Dec 21 2012 facts.  We invite you to check it out today.  You can even download a special sample of it, which now includes some of the 3D imagery of the Rio Azul Masks.  It’s very, very cool and a good read for those of any age.

Get your copy of 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya today and sleep better no longer worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow–at least according to the Maya….


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Are you getting ready for the Annular Eclipse?

We had contemplated a trip to Lubbock, Texas this weekend to be ready for the first annular eclipse to happen in the United States in the past 18 years, but with us nearing the completion of Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya as a multi-touch book for the iPad/interactive book for the iPad/iBook for the iPad (Did you read our post from ClaxtonCreative.com?) we thought it’d be better use of our time to stay in Dallas and work on that.

We are on the hunt for a great place in Dallas to shoot the cosmic event and we’re thinking that something involving the new Calatrava Bridge downtown will be just the ticket. It’s only supposed to be an eclipse of about 67 percent here in Dallas, so no ring of fire stuff, but hey, it’ll be something special to watch nonetheless.

Eclipse Anular

Eclipse Anular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there going to be darkness near you?

Does this eclipse have anything to do with Mayan prophecy?

Lots of things to discuss.  Obviously, like we did with the Supermoon, we’ll welcome your photos of the celestial happenings.

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Ancient pueblo builders of Chaco Canyon

What doors open remain after words filled with blame curse those who came?

Ancient pueblo builders….

When plowing through ruins in one of the fire ravaged puddles of Utah archeologist found bones of dismembered and apparently stewed people in he rubble. Marks on the bones similar to knives removing flesh seems to call cannibalism into question.

What surprises researchers most in the ravaged structure is the neatly deposited human fecal matter on what was the residents hearth.

Within he DNA of the visitors excrement are tale-tale signs of partially digested human flesh.

A story once relayed to me by a native American relative of mine calls into our memories the shared fears of witchcraft and those who practice dark arts.

While listening to my relative I hear of a powerfully witch – commonly called a Skin walker by southwestern American natives- who kept villages around his small rock and adobe house in fear.

So great was the fear that a few villages fearing hey had angered the Skin Walker when water ran lower than normal and foods were rat infested, moved.

After some years passed another skin walker arrived promising to rid the area of the evil skin walker, but the people would pay a stiff price if She failed.

The pueblo residents were called on to attack and kill the skin walker. Burn his home and utterly destroy every vessel in or around his home. Once they had finished, the new skin walker then ordered a great fire made with timbers from dead skin walkers home. Upon this fire a great stewing pot filled with the Urine of all the villagers was set to boil.

Within that pot are placed the rendered remains of the dead skin walker. Cooking the cannibalistic stew for days the remaining skin walker chanted and sang to send the dead skin walkers spirit back into the underworld.

When the last chant ended, she scooped out bowl after bowl of the broth feeding it to each of the villagers.

Eating the last of the reeking meaty broth herself she then danced through the ruins until she stood on the hearth. At that point with everyone watching she flipped up her skirt revealing her a hermaphrodite nature, then promptly defecated on the hearth…and with great laughter changed into the old skin-walker they’d just killed and eaten.

Aware that the villagers had been tricked they rekindled the flames for the skin walkers home and returned to their village. Torching their own Kivas, the dedicated in the meeting rooms of heir three-hundred room pueblo and left with only the close on their backs. All pottery, and tools broken and scattered, nothing taken with them.

To take anything from their doomed village would have allowed the skin walker to find them in their future home.

The moral, she said,  you never now how bad it can be till you make a devils deal for another chance at life, only to loose everything you have…

What door will you open in your world and what spirit will you welcome? Will your future reflect your past or be a celebration of he lessons now well learned.
@archeoastronomy @roadmonkeyone

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Meeting Dr. Van Stone at the Society for American Archaeology Meeting

Early this afternoon, photographer Jamal Jackson and I arrived in Memphis, TN from our drive from Dallas, TX.  We had some great conversations about how to approach video that’s going to be added to Dr. Mark Van Stones interactive book for the iPad on 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya.  From Jamal I learned the term of “intentional” interviews and video.  In other words, don’t do like this lead and get straight to the point.

Tonight at 9 p.m. I got a call from Dr. Van Stone who had just landed at Memphis International.  Not having actually met him in person, I jumped at the chance to take the 2012 Buick on loan to us from GM of Texas to the airport to pick him up and take him to the Memphis Marriott Downtown where the Society for American Archaeology is holding its annual meeting.

TWE Sunset on the Mississippi River

We are here in part to shoot a series of video clips for his upcoming book and to gain some great insight into the world of American archeaologists.  Already I’ve been awed at the intelligence of the people here.  And I am impressed with how friendly the people who I have met are.

There’s a video loading to YouTube that will be added to this post when it completes loading.  But the hotel we’re in has horrible upload speeds and so it’s going to take till the morning to do what should take 10 minutes at the most anywhere else on the planet.  For safety reasons, once we’re gone, I’ll say where we are so you will know if you ever need to stay in Memphis, to at least take this point into consideration.  We do have a nice clean room that’s not at the convention site and actually, about 1/4 of the price of a room there per night….

Okay, gotta get some rest.  Big day tomorrow.


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Tweet a Pic of Our Buick Enclave in Memphis for the Society for American Archaeology Meeting

Tweet a pic of our 2012 Buick Enclave for a chance to win prizes!

Here’s an example of being in the right place at the right time with a smartphone that can tweet a photo of our 2012 Buick Enclave, courtesy of @GMTexas.  If you see us on the road between Dallas and Memphis, take a photo of the car and then tweet it with the hashtag #TWEChevy, you’ll have the chance to win some cool prizes for participating.

We are using the car as a loaner through the generosity of GM and the social media team who graciously support the work of bloggers and those active in social media.  So far, since December,  @GMTexas has provided us a Traverse, an Equinox and now and Enclave to visit Poverty Point, Louisiana for the December Solstice expedition, the visit by Allen Manning to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico to study the Anasazi Indians and other Native Americans in the area, and now, we’re headed to the Society for American Archaeology meeting in Memphis.


We are excited to be headed to Memphis courtesy of support from a couple of incredible sponsors who made the trip possible.  While in Memphis, we will be doing a series of interviews for our upcoming release of Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya interactive book for the iPad.  This book is going to be the only book like it on the market, complete with video interviews with Dr. Van Stone, one the world’s most renowned Mayanists.

While in Memphis, we also want to talk to as many archeologists as possible who are interested in converting their written works over to Interactive Books for the iPad.  If you want to talk while you’re also in town, please let us know by sending a Tweet to our Twitter account–@Archeoastronomy or by sending a contact inquiry through the site.

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The Wonders Expedition–A Growing Collection Of Friends Around The World

I have a few confessions to make.  At 46-years of age, I’ve never left the North American continent.  But through the work the past nine months through The Wonders Expedition, I’ve begun to make friends with people in other countries around the world that I want to meet as much as I want to take my next breath. I used to say that I never really wanted to leave North America either, but the more I engage with those who are in other parts of the world, I am feeling a calling to go.

In my head I often hear the joke routing of English Transvestite Comedian Eddie Izzard as he’s talking to a crowd in “The City” in San Fransisco and he asks them sarcastically, “You do realize there are other countries, don’t you?!” I’ve always known that there are, but they are coming alive to me via this project in a way I never would have dreamed of.  And the excitement makes getting up each morning even more enjoyable.

Today’s Foreign Conversations–April 9, 2012

Today I talked with Jeff in Peru.  He’s a photographer and a highly skilled one at that.  He couldn’t talk with me last week because, and I quote: “I am currently in the Peruvian Amazon.”  Now tell me that isn’t the coolest reason ever offered in an email as to why you will have to speak with someone later!

Tonight I spoke via chat with Alex, who is in LA, but he was talking about how he’s been in Maui doing underwater photography with an iPad and his iPhone.  Using Aqua Box, a product I’d never heard of–and frankly a concept I’d never thought of–he’s been down as low as 20 feet underwater and suffered no leaks, but came away with some amazing videos.  Here, take a look at this one about filming in the ocean.  The Maui video isn’t far off he says!

And then today I’ve also gotten to know Iza who went to Machu Picchu in September 2011 with her Portuguese speaking BFFs in what appeared to be a Girls Night Out-type of adventure where they just happened to go to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Tonight, I sent off an email to a guy in Germany who is about to get up and start the day as I’m about to end this one.

And then there of course were the Twitter conversations with Hannah Pethen Barrett and her Egyptian expedition roommate Liz, who both have been in Egypt since late March exploring and mapping with cool GIS equipment Middle Kingdom sites such as Gurob.  What they are doing with hi-tech gear is absolutely fascinating.

Finally, the good fokes @AfricanCosmos posted this cool trivia photo today encouraging people to identify it.  They didn’t ask the other person I’ve been talking with a lot lately, Gigi, in South Africa, who has gotten the answer to the last three or four weekly postings right….  Gigi was trying to help me with an answer tonight but I’ve been so busy exploring Tumult’s Hype program for the Mac that makes HTML 5 animations, I totally missed them!  (Sorry Gigi!)


It’s in some ways intimidating to be talking with these people in other parts of the world because they all speak English really, really well.  Not to mention their own native language and a couple more on average.

Liz and Gigi both have used words in conversations I’ve had to go back and look up.  And I began my conversations with Iza today using Google Translate to go from English to Portuguese out of respect of trying to use her native language.  She immediately began using English like a snap of a finger.

That to me is a semi-indictment of the type of education I’ve received here in America.  I’m fairly well educated.  The US Air Force bases we were stationed at always had good schools for the officers kids.  I got a good college education through Auburn University.

But I’ve never really wanted to learn other languages.  I’m seeing at my age that it would have been nice to know along the way.  While I have seen much of America by having moved 35 times now in 46 years, I’ve still missed about 6/7ths of the rest of the world.  And here I am talking with people who are out there every day doing more exploration of our world than I’d ever dreamed of before I began researching for The Wonders Expedition.

I have much to learn.  I hope to be learning something new right up until my final moments.  In the meantime, I plan to make the most of every moment and take in as much as I have missed as humanly possible. I’m making some great new friends around the world and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Tomorrow night I’m doing an interview with a guy in Australia.  And so The Wonders Expedition keeps expanding.

And to think, I could still be sitting in a downtown Dallas office doing corporate PR…..

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History’s Cry–Questions about the Anasazi Indians in Chaco Canyon

By Allen Manning

Captured images of long gone hours working righteously in unison for a common goal now revealing only a structures heart. Bereft of souls upon which each stone was cast lay rubble and sand mixed clays.

Once where children played, animals grazed as people lived out their days, now lizards lounge above snake-infested grounds in empty homes no laughter there abounds.

Anasazi Ruins by Allen Manning

Come see where waters once flowed. Between hovel and home here now only dust clouds fill what once were window sills.

Why build the first Las Vegas of the west to leave these once golden cities of the past to times gamble? Perched between shallow cliffs each covered in golden splatter now only reverberate with tourist chatter. Come listen in dawns early rise the calls of civilizations first American fall. Destined for such are we who build cities of steel to follow those who marked the earth in stone.

Where did they go, when they roamed far a foot, wheeled upon great roads? Are in each who here gather some great part of them that still matters? Or, long gone from our present as from our tomorrow. Will we one day them follow? Or will we they recall and learn the secretes of the Anasazi Doom. @roadmonkeyone

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Mounds in Peru–Separated by 5° – 14° Longitude With North American Mounds

News is circulating the Net today of a discovery of animal-shaped mounds in Peru.  It’s being hailed as something unusual and something much older than the mounds found in North America.  One article notes that the mounds of North America are not nearly as old as these in Peru, which are said to be some 4,000 years of age.  For the most part, this observation seems accurate, save the mound at Lower Jackson Mound in Epps, Louisiana, just about 1/2 mile due south of the Bird Mound at Poverty Point.

The other truly exciting and exceptional piece of information pointed out in Antiquity, included in the articles is the suggestion that the Peruvians were doing archeoastronomic alignments with their mounds, a similar suggestion as to things that may also have happened with those built in North America.

The Wonders Expedition Site GPS Observations

There was one other observation we noted in looking at the work of the Peruvians.  Much was said in the two publications about how curious it is that these mounds happened so far away from the ones in North America and that they do not seem to exist anywhere else on the planet but these two continents.

Not having been able to find the exact GPS coordinates for the two sites found by University of Missouri anthropology professor emeritus Robert Benfer, we are going on the assumption that the two Peruvian sites are close to S 12° and W 77° with varying minutes and seconds.

It is our curious observation, with a world 360° round,  that the North American mounds nearly all can be found within W 82° and W 91° longitude on the map, which puts them between 5° and 14° apart at the most from the Peruvian mounds.  The separation comes from latitude of S 12° and N 32° – 40°.

It would seem to us that this is indeed, more of a matter of them actually not being very far a part at all east-to-west, and begs the question about why, with all the other places on earth, these mounds only seemed to have been built within such a tight band of longitude.

Most of the sites we have observed through our work at The Wonders Expedition seem to have more of a correlation or to be grouped within latitudinal bands.  The fact that these are longitudinally so close to us is the most curious point of all.

Observations of Indian Mounds within the United States by GPS Coordinates, Elevation in Meters, and when it was built and its age:

Historic Location, City, NationLatitudes D M SLongitudes D M SElev in MetrsBC/ADYear BuiltAge
Poverty Point, Epps, LouisianaN32387.00W912418.001,065BC16503,661
Ocmulgee National Monument Mounds, Macon, Georgia, USAN325012.00W833630.00276AD10501,000
Monk's Mound, Cahokia, Illinois, USAN383917.31W90349.08128AD9501,061
Cancho Roano, Zalamea de la Serena, Badajoz, SpainN38423.93E5419.68412BC5502,561
The Great Serpent Mound, OhioN39127.97W822548.47238AD1070941
Moorehead Circle, Fort Ancient Woodhenge, Oregonia, OhioN392425.43W84559.39206AD112,000
Fort Ancient SunWatch Villiage, Dayton, OhioN394255.65W841355.5220AD112,000
The Earthworks of Newark, OH, USAN40221.11W825544.08260AD2501,761
Mounds State Park, Anderson, IndianaN40543.45W853722.54160BC1602,171



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In Search of the Anasazi and the Cities of Cibola (Gold)

Studying the Anasazi with Allen Manning

North of the main settlements of Chaco Canyon Aztec National Ruins Park holds as many questions as answers. Here alongside cold, fast-flowing waters, Anasazi built a great Kiva and several smaller kivas situated about their five-story-high multi-room complex. Structures that for the most part have stood up to time’s ravages almost didn’t survive the looters.

These doors are taller and wider than most found throughout theses ruins. Looters cut through the three-foot-thick walls as they dug out rooms along the western side of the complex in search of treasures.

Pottery, tools and some artifacts long since taken by the looters rest in private collections and a few museums. As far as archeologist can tell no cache of gold passed out of these doors in the hands of looters.

Doorways of the Anasazi with Allen Manning

In 1542 when Spanish explorer Vasquez de Coronado set out through the region in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola (Gold) he returned without either gold or the cities’ locations.  By the time his men snaked their way through the Chocoan region the inhabitants of this and all the other Anasazi cites had been gone several hundred years.

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Aztec Ruins in the Four Corners Region

Aztec Ruins

Sifting through more material, hearing jaded reports on theories with little support. Yet still the reporter in me continues to dig for answers to a 1500 year old mystery buried in outlying ruins.

#TWEChevy March 14 2012 Near Aztec National Park

Where have they gone and why?  Seeing the faces plowing along numbered paths peering into collapsing rooms I see the ancients.  Small statuesque woman with deep brown complexion smiling as I look into her eyes. Yes they are here still, still in each of us. Why here, why did they leave are we soon to follow their fate?

Aztec ruins reflects similar building to Chaco Canyon, with like eras of rebuilding stretched over miles along the San Juan River.

Thirteen major pueblos criss cross the Chaco Canyon region while other areas hold one apartment development supported by hundreds of smaller remote homesteads.

Many theories fill visitors with confusion. Can one answer fill in every void? Look to our own communities and see if one answer fills in every question.

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