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April 22, 2021

The Maya Myth Moment–Ipsos Poll 2012–One in 10 Believe Maya Calendar End

The Maya Myth Moment–ipsos poll 2012–One in 10 Believe Maya Calendar End

The other day I was asked by a friend, “Do people really believe in that stuff about the Maya?”  My answer was an emphatic: YES!

There have been many times in 2012 when I have witnessed the intensity of those who believe that Dec. 21, 2012 marks the end for us all.

After publishing a news release announcing the design of Dr. Mark Van Stone’s book for iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, I began receiving regular phone calls from one man. Each call was a lengthy one-sided discussion where he alerted me to all the facts associated with the impending doom we all face in just 19 days now.  He ran off a litany of names of scientists and government agencies he’d been in contact with.  He had factual information he’d uncovered and had called NASA about it. Clearly they had decided that the only way to get him to leave them alone was to send him somewhere else. They did. They apparently told him to send his package of information to the White House. Since this was sensitive information, they apparently told him that he should write “TOP SECRET” on the outside of the envelope and “underline it twice,” so that the Obama administration would know, with the double underlining, that in fact, it truly was classified information. The package supposedly was sent as described…..

Ispos Poll 2012

In May 2012, the polling firm Ispos released a study showing that “one in ten (10%) believe ‘the Mayan calendar, which some say ‘ends’ in 2012, marks the end of the world’ and another one in ten (8%) admit they ‘have been experiencing anxiety or fear because the world is going to end in 2012.’” Supposedly this was a random sample of more than 16,200 people in 21 countries around the globe.  So do people really believe this stuff? The answer is an emphatic YES!  With 7 billion people on the planet and 10 percent walking around believing stuff, I’d submit to you, that’s a pretty substantial number of fokes.

But as we have begun to outline here on TheWondersExpedition.com, through consultations with Dr. Mark Van Stone, one of the world’s leading scholars on the subject, all we really know is that the Maya Calendar is set to roll over like the odometer in your car on Dec. 21, 2012, and nothing more.  Now there were predictions that an obscure god they referred to as Bolon Yokte was going to come down to Earth and put on a costume, that’s about all that was really said.

Tortuguero Monument 6

As an exclusive today, we’re posting a video of Dr. Barb MacLeod in Austin, Texas, reading from Tortuguero Monument 6 which is one of the only two monuments that have been found from the Maya that even mention 2012.  So watch our video from Dr. Mark Van Stone’s book for iPad. And then go buy our book because this is just the tip of the amazing information you can find in this one of a kind book made exclusively for iPad by ClaxtonCreative.com.

Dr. Barb MacLeod reads Tortuguero Monument 6

This is the main text that mentions 2012. Watch this one-of-a-kind video. Each glyph that makes it up is pulled from the portion of the monument where it was carved and you can get a better view of it enlarged while Dr. MacLeod is interpreting its meaning. Listen closely and please, please let us know if you hear anywhere in this reading where it says the world is going to end in 19 days.

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Are you getting ready for the Annular Eclipse?

We had contemplated a trip to Lubbock, Texas this weekend to be ready for the first annular eclipse to happen in the United States in the past 18 years, but with us nearing the completion of Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya as a multi-touch book for the iPad/interactive book for the iPad/iBook for the iPad (Did you read our post from ClaxtonCreative.com?) we thought it’d be better use of our time to stay in Dallas and work on that.

We are on the hunt for a great place in Dallas to shoot the cosmic event and we’re thinking that something involving the new Calatrava Bridge downtown will be just the ticket. It’s only supposed to be an eclipse of about 67 percent here in Dallas, so no ring of fire stuff, but hey, it’ll be something special to watch nonetheless.

Eclipse Anular

Eclipse Anular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there going to be darkness near you?

Does this eclipse have anything to do with Mayan prophecy?

Lots of things to discuss.  Obviously, like we did with the Supermoon, we’ll welcome your photos of the celestial happenings.

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Meeting Dr. Van Stone at the Society for American Archaeology Meeting

Early this afternoon, photographer Jamal Jackson and I arrived in Memphis, TN from our drive from Dallas, TX.  We had some great conversations about how to approach video that’s going to be added to Dr. Mark Van Stones interactive book for the iPad on 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya.  From Jamal I learned the term of “intentional” interviews and video.  In other words, don’t do like this lead and get straight to the point.

Tonight at 9 p.m. I got a call from Dr. Van Stone who had just landed at Memphis International.  Not having actually met him in person, I jumped at the chance to take the 2012 Buick on loan to us from GM of Texas to the airport to pick him up and take him to the Memphis Marriott Downtown where the Society for American Archaeology is holding its annual meeting.

TWE Sunset on the Mississippi River

We are here in part to shoot a series of video clips for his upcoming book and to gain some great insight into the world of American archeaologists.  Already I’ve been awed at the intelligence of the people here.  And I am impressed with how friendly the people who I have met are.

There’s a video loading to YouTube that will be added to this post when it completes loading.  But the hotel we’re in has horrible upload speeds and so it’s going to take till the morning to do what should take 10 minutes at the most anywhere else on the planet.  For safety reasons, once we’re gone, I’ll say where we are so you will know if you ever need to stay in Memphis, to at least take this point into consideration.  We do have a nice clean room that’s not at the convention site and actually, about 1/4 of the price of a room there per night….

Okay, gotta get some rest.  Big day tomorrow.


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Chevy Delivers 2012 Equinox to Allen Manning for Trip to Anasazi Country

Our own Allen Manning departs Dallas tomorrow headed to the Four Corners Region of the United States to begin work on our interactive book about Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi Indians.  Watch the video of Allen Manning in his 2012 Equinox, Courtesy of @GMTexas

He just took delivery of the car, which will be decked out with identification information about TheWondersExpedition.com and our sponsor, GM of Texas, with the hashtag of #TWEChevy.

Allen’s got some great prizes to give away, too, from those who might spy the car on the road between here and New Mexico.  If you see the car, take a photo of it and then tweet it with the #TWEChevy hashtag.  You might just win some very cool stuff from Chevy!

Again, we offer a special thanks to Vicki Cosgrove of GM Texas for helping make this even possible.

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