February 17, 2019

Maya Myth Moment–The Visual Galactic Alignment Dec 21 2012

 Maya Myth Moment–The Visual Galactic Alignment Dec 21 2012

This purposely isn’t the clearest video we could offer you of the Galactic Alignment Dec 21 2012, (We really would like you to visit MVS2012.com and buy our book for the iPad and learn a whole lot more for a mere $14.99) but we offer it nonetheless to help demonstrate a couple of important factors as we approach four days before the fated day in question.

There are multiple points wrong with the announcement from some that the planet is going to align with the Galactic Center this month.

The Galactic Center

The Galactic Center (Photo credit: NASAblueshift)

For starters, it’s very hard to even see from earth with today’s modern electronic advancements.  It would have been even harder 1,200 years ago.

Second of all, as shown in this drawing developed by Dr. Mark Van Stone, the author of our book, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, we’re actually going to miss the Galactic Center by about three degrees.

But it makes for a great junk science concept and it has surely stirred the hearts of many.

Check out our video, then check it out in Retina screen quality graphics, along with 53 videos from 15 Maya scholars all who know very much what they’re talking about–describing and informing us all about the REAL Maya, not the nonsense you’re seeing on some of the TV shows on cable TV.


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