February 17, 2019

Maya Myth Moment–The Accuracy of the Mayan Calendar

Maya Myth Moment–The Accuracy of the Mayan Calendar

On today’s installment of the Maya Myth Moment, written after what was supposed to be the end of our days–or we’re now in the Bliss Out if you’re a New Ager, Dr. Mark Van Stone talks about the accuracy of the Maya Calendar.  (Notice we say Maya, not Mayan. It’s Mayan in the headline only for SEO purposes.  Maya Calendar is actually the correct term….)

The REAL Maya Calendar

The REAL Maya Calendar

So was the Maya Calender more precise than the one we use today?  Were they better time keepers?  If so, would that add validity to their claims and prophecy? But what prophecy are you referring to?

The whole premise around today being a significant day to the Maya was that their calendar was going to reach today.  It’s going to roll over like the odometer in your car and keep on going, hopefully.  If we are dealt some end today, it’s not going to be because of something the Maya predicted or said or left behind.

Besides, if the world was going to end according to all the hubbub, it would have happened at 6:11 a.m. EST or 11:11 UTC this morning…. about three hours ago now and we’re all still here…..

We invite you to learn more about the Maya by checking our Dr. Van Stone’s book for iPad–2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya.  It has tons more information in it about these amazing and fascinating people.  You’ll really get a good education about those whole 2012 meme.

And please bookmark our site, TheWondersExpedition.com.  We’ve got some great new adventure information coming just around the corner……

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Maya Myth Moment–Cyclic Time

English: Mayan numerals 6 Deutsch: Maya-Zahl 6...

English: Mayan numerals 6 Deutsch: Maya-Zahl 6 Македонски: Мајански бројки 6 Plattdüütsch: Maya-Tall 6 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maryland Senior Lecturer John B. Carlson is the feature of our Maya Myth Moment today as he discusses the knowledge the Maya had of the movement of the planets, the earth and cyclic time.  He also discusses the aspects of how much of the Maya knowledge we still have today and estimates of how much has been lost to the ages.

Part of the problem that’s stirred the Maya Meme is the fact that so much information IS missing.  And in the absence of such, that’s when the opportunity exists to fill in and make up information to fill in the gaps. That’s what leads to wild stories of doomsday predictions and bliss outs in just six more days….


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Maya Myth Moment–Pole Shift 2012


Maya Myth MomentPole Shift 2012

There are multiple versions of the Maya prophecy as they relate to 2012 and one of them is associated with an expected pole shift–a change in the Earth’s magnetic poles, somehow expected to come about on Dec. 21, 2012.

The problem is, like most of the things that have been tacked on to the Maya, there is nothing in Maya writings, glyphs, monuments, Dresden Codices, etc that talk about a change in the Earth’s poles.

Additionally, geologists will tell you that changes in the Earth’s polarity have and do happened, but they take a long time, like thousands of years, to make them happen.  They do not, and apparently have not, happened over night.  This is another example. We are in the midst of a pole shift. The thing is, none of us who are alive now will be alive when true north has become east or west once again.

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2012 By John Liptak–Cover features Aztec Calendar, Nothing to do with Maya

Our chuckle of the morning comes from the photo of this Half Priced Books mark down of John J. Liptak, Ed.D’s 2010 book entitled: 2012. 

2012 by John J. Liptak Ed. D. Features the AZTEC Calendar Stone, Nothing to do with the Ancient Maya

It’s about prepping for the “spiritual” changes that he says will take place on Dec. 21, 2012 and talks about the Maya Tree of Life and on and on and on.

But for starters, the cover features the AZTEC CALENDAR STONE!  Something the ancient Maya never saw, used or anything else.

So if Dr. Liptak’s book cover isn’t even right, makes you wonder about what’s inside it….  A brief review and we left it on the shelf.



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