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Mark Van Stone Archives - The Wonders Expedition™ - @Archeoastronomy

April 22, 2021

Maya Myth Moment–Only 1 Percent Known

Maya Myth Moment–Only 1 Percent Known

In today’s update, Dr. Mark Van Stone talks about how little we actually know about the ancient Maya–only 1 percent, but most estimates, is all we’ve yet uncovered.  And yet the Internet, modern folk lore, New Age beliefs and all have rushed in like water in a pit to fill us the space of what we don’t know with what isn’t even fact.

2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya now available for iPad at MVS2012.com.

And that goes to the problem associated with the whole 2012 Meme.  So little actually has survived the passage of time, and what has, reflects so little on the ending of the world tomorrow based on the assumption of the end of the Maya calendar. And it’s largely done without much fact at all, as we have worked to demonstrate over the past 30 days here on The Wonders Expedition.

We encourage you to keep studying the Maya after tomorrow’s calendar end.  They were a fascinating people.

In Dr. Van Stone’s book for iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, you can continue to learn about who the real Maya were and help gain an understanding of how to read their writings, how to study their art and how to better know this amazing group of people who once reigned in Mesoamerica.

Please, come back to TheWondersExpedition.com. We’ve got some exciting adventures just around the corner now that we’ve all but finished this 2012 Meme. It’s time for some new adventures and we want to bring you along…..

In the meantime, please do check out our book for iPad we made with Dr. Van Stone by visiting MVS2012.com.

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The Maya Myth Moment–Aliens 2012

Aliens 2012

We didn’t do a video on this today. In part, it’s kind of hard to make a video of something there isn’t any scientific proof to support.  

Yes, as with so many other things, the existence of aliens and an alien invasion has been tied to the Maya prophecy. But as scholars like Dr. Mark Van Stone will tell you, there’s not one shred of scientific evidence to support they exist, let alone, not one mention in Maya hieroglyphs or remains that talk about them.

Yes, the Ancient Aliens show has tried to tie Pakal’s Sarcophagus Lid to the ancient astronaut theory, but a careful examination of the text in Dr. Mark Van Stone’s book for iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya shows clearly that Lord Pakal was sitting in one of the Mesoamerican ceiba trees and what was claimed to be rocket flames in the TV series is clearly the base roots of one of these unique and special trees.

Editorially speaking, it’d be fascinating to find we are not alone in the universe. But we just don’t have any proof of it. And from talking to Maya scholars, the Maya didn’t have any either……

We included a photo of a ceiba tree taken by our friend, Dr. John Hoopes of the University of Kansas.

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Maya Myth Moment–New Age Consciousness 2012

Maya Myth Moment–New Age Consciousness 2012

Today’s Maya Myth Moment centers on the New Age consciousness expected to arrive globally on Dec. 21, 2012.

The Bliss Out–Peace on Earth.

Dr. Anthony Aveni, in Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya refers to it as a “bliss out.”

But the problem with putting much stock in the New Age teachings is they’ve only been around for about 30-40 years.  They can’t be traced back to the ancient Maya, and often, that’s the attempt that’s made.

Watch today’s video below.  After that, we’ve added a special bonus from Dr. Van Stone’s book for iPad–the video of Dr. John Hoopes from the University of Kansas, tracing the whole 2012 meme back to Christopher Columbus‘ discovery of the New World.

Want more information on this amazing subject?  Sign up for the remaining 29 installments of the Maya Myth Moment, or go to the iBookstore and get a copy of Dr. Van Stone’s amazing book.

Dr. John Hoopes–from 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya book for iPad

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of an Ancient Aliens Guest About 2012 and The Maya

The Season Four premiere of  Ancient Aliens on H2, began a few weeks ago with two shows about the 2012 meme and the alleged catastrophic predictions of the Maya and somehow, how ancient aliens were involved.  One of the guest scholars of those two episodes, Dr. Mark Van Stone on Twitter, (@MayaTruth) has provided The Wonders Expedition with an exclusive video interview we’ve entitled:  What Ancient Aliens Left Out.

title screenshot

Image via Wikipedia

Dr. Van Stone is one of the world’s most recognized Mayanists and the author of the book, 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya.  It’s a great read and we encourage you to check it out, along with his Website.  He’s fun to talk with, doesn’t have a bad sun tan and Einstein hair, and most importantly of all, thinks that the presumption that the work of ancient humans being done instead by aliens is “racism against humanity.”

We are excited to bring you this exclusive interview and will be providing additional interviews as we go along, hopefully with other recognized scholars on 2012.  We’d like to talk with Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Erich Von Daniken or David Childress, too, just to give them a fair shot. 


As the season premier began in mid-February, we began to tweet about some of the things we were seeing wrong in the show and wound up having a similar conversation with Dr. Van Stone, whom you will see is very colorful and friendly.  The more we talked, the more it became apparent that what he was saying needed to be shared with you.

As we’ve noted before, the Lord Pacal Sarcophogus cover, all decked out as a spaceship model is pretty cool.  The thing is, it just doesn’t have anything to do with reality.

Last Friday night’s show probably was the most appalling of all–the thought that Ancient Aliens, now not so ancient, were and possible are controlling the weather and natural events on our planet to affect the outcome of the human race.  Amazing.


The conversations with Dr. Van Stone have been very engaging and informative.  In fact, we’re proud to announce that on March 22, 2012, he will be available in a Webinar to talk more about the fantastic predictions about 2012 and Mayan culture and allow you to ask questions and interact with him like you cannot when he and others are in a TV show.  For this first show, we’re offering a discounted rate of $7.99 and it will begin at 6 p.m. PST (9 EST/8 CST) in the United States.  Sign up today, we are going to limit the size of the first Webinar so we don’t want you to miss out.



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