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Jackson Mound Archives - The Wonders Expedition™ - @Archeoastronomy

April 22, 2021

The Origins and Spreading of Buddhism

At the Dallas Museum of Art today Dr. Monica L. Smith of UCLA gave a very good presentation about her studies associated with the origins of Buddhism, a religion/philosophy I’ve never really studied, and in her presentation, I was intrigued to find out how it spread throughout Southeast Asia over time and how it got localized as it moved from one country to another. As I thought about it, I began to wonder if this same practice hadn’t happened with the development of iconic ancient sites around the world, like the building of pyramids.

During the event, co-sponsored by the Archeological Institute of America, Dr. Smith showed photos of how Buddah, once people began drawing him or creating icons to show him, they adopted their own ethnocentric identity to him–he kept much of the same pose and aura, but his head gear, or eyes, or facial shape etc. modified to reflect a stereotypical representation of the country where he was being worshiped.

Ethnocentrism in the Pyramids?

Dr. Monica L. Smith of UCLA showing Changes in Budda By Nation

Which gets me back to wondering about the whole premise that started the Wonders Expedition to begin with.

Can’t the use of pyramids in different cultures, countries and even continents be looked at the same way?  I mean the Egyptian pyramids are built the way the Pharaohs preferred.  At Lower Jackson Mound in Epps, Louisiana, they didn’t have limestone so they simply used dirt.  The Maya built pyramids but changed the design to meet their style of architecture.  The Chinese, yes, there are pyramids in China, built theirs sort of like the Egyptians, but like Native Americans, they simply used dirt.  Temples in India largely are built in pyramidic form as well.

One of my good friends, a scholar, says that pyramids are “just a pile of rocks and anyone can build a pile of rocks!”  But to me, there still appears to be something more to them to me than just a pile of rocks.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think there was some cross-culture communication going on about the building of these incredible structures?


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Poverty Point, Jackson Mound and The Pyramids–2 Degrees of Separation

We’re in the process of writing a position paper associated with our recent visit to Poverty Point, Louisiana, USA during the December Solstice.

Deutsch: Karte: Übersicht über die archäologis...

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During that trip in the Southeastern United States, we were amazed to learn there are more than 4,000 ancient mounds located within the state of Louisiana alone.  We were even told that when a new one is discovered today in Louisiana, carbon dating is done to ensure it’s not older than what’s previously been discovered, and then most likely, something is built on top of it to preserve the grounds but to prevent the need to create any more historical sites.

One of the most intriguing sites we also learned about was the Lower Jackson Mound which is within eyesight of the Bird Mound or main mound at Poverty Point.  Carbon dating shows that Jackson Mound was being constructed in Louisiana at the same time the pyramids were being built in Egypt.

That’s fascinating when juxtaposed to the teachings we’ve learned in schools for the past several hundred years and even modern-day jabs and jokes about the intelligence of Cajuns.  To boot, the Poverty Point site is just two degrees north of the pyramids, but thousands of miles away to west.

The whole premise of The Wonders Expedition™ is that it’s not a natural inclination to go out and build a pyramid/mound/dolmen/megalith etc. in one’s backyard.  And yet here are two examples of where mankind did just that at nearly similar latitudes, separated by dozens of degrees of longitude and oh yes, an ocean.

Why is it man did this? Such is what we seek to reveal…..

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