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April 22, 2021

Maya Myth Moment–The Visual Galactic Alignment Dec 21 2012

 Maya Myth Moment–The Visual Galactic Alignment Dec 21 2012

This purposely isn’t the clearest video we could offer you of the Galactic Alignment Dec 21 2012, (We really would like you to visit MVS2012.com and buy our book for the iPad and learn a whole lot more for a mere $14.99) but we offer it nonetheless to help demonstrate a couple of important factors as we approach four days before the fated day in question.

There are multiple points wrong with the announcement from some that the planet is going to align with the Galactic Center this month.

The Galactic Center

The Galactic Center (Photo credit: NASAblueshift)

For starters, it’s very hard to even see from earth with today’s modern electronic advancements.  It would have been even harder 1,200 years ago.

Second of all, as shown in this drawing developed by Dr. Mark Van Stone, the author of our book, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, we’re actually going to miss the Galactic Center by about three degrees.

But it makes for a great junk science concept and it has surely stirred the hearts of many.

Check out our video, then check it out in Retina screen quality graphics, along with 53 videos from 15 Maya scholars all who know very much what they’re talking about–describing and informing us all about the REAL Maya, not the nonsense you’re seeing on some of the TV shows on cable TV.


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Maya Myth Moment–Venus Transit 2012

Maya Myth Moment–Venus Transit 2012

As the doomsday predictions escalate and certain TV cable networks hype the hype, we’re continuing to try to offer daily updates that feature fact and science to help bring down the nonsense.

Last night on the National Geographic Channel, it seemed like Scottish

Paul Burton in the National Geographic special hyping the Maya beyond reality.

reporter Paul Murton brought up every ridiculous claim he could in the show entitled, Mayan Apocalypse 2012. There were many times I found myself shaking my head mad that NatGeo would use such tactics in a ploy to attract viewers.  Personally, I think networks like NatGeo have a responsibility to not air a program like this one. Yes, it was grounded with some scientific input, such as that from our friend Dr. John Hoopes of the University of Kansas, but it really got to be a bit too much.  

A second show that came on afterward, Maya Underworld: The Real Doomsday, however, was brilliant, grounded in science and fact and was really good.  If you’ve not had the chance to see either show, we at least recommend the latter.

The Venus Transit

Scientists have documented that the Maya followed the planet Venus through the night skies and kept pretty accurate records of its movement.

Apparently, they even knew and could predict that there would be a Venus Transit, an eclipse-type alignment when Venus crosses between the earth and sun. From the text of Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya book for iPad, “We witness a pair of these about once a century: the last few were 1518 & 1526; 1631 & 1639; 1761 & 1769; 1874 & 1882; 2004 & 2012.”

The Venus Transit 2012 happened back in August. Without any significance to much of anyone.  And if you were outside that day and didn’t know what to look for, you missed it.  Even with proper equipment, it would have been hard and dangerous to look at.

Nonetheless, a Venus Transit in 2012 has not hastened the end of times.

As a bonus, we’ve loaded up a video from Dr. Susan Milbrath of the University of Florida today talking about the Maya’s study of Venus.



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Maya Myth Moment–Solar Flares 2012

Maya Myth Moment–Solar Flares 2012

Today’s post centers around the rise in solar flaresin 2012.

Will Solar Flares in 2012 wipe us all out?

According to NASA and the works of Dr. Mark Van Stone, these things come in cycles, and we are in the middle of one.

But somehow this rise in solar flare activity in 2012 has become tied to the Maya prophecy, just like all the other wild predictions–without any basis in fact, let alone any mention of them in ancient Maya writings.

From Dr. Van Stone’s book for iPad, 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya: “NASA and NOAA predict a ‘Solar Maximum‘ (sunspot season) beginning in 2012, peaking in 2013, with perhaps its strongest coronal mass ejections (solar storms) happening as it calms down in 2014. This happens every 11 years, and will disrupt satellite and other electromagnetic communications.

But that’s it.  There’s nothing in what he wrote or NASA has predicted that’s going to bring about the end of the world……


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Maya Myth Moment–Pole Shift 2012


Maya Myth MomentPole Shift 2012

There are multiple versions of the Maya prophecy as they relate to 2012 and one of them is associated with an expected pole shift–a change in the Earth’s magnetic poles, somehow expected to come about on Dec. 21, 2012.

The problem is, like most of the things that have been tacked on to the Maya, there is nothing in Maya writings, glyphs, monuments, Dresden Codices, etc that talk about a change in the Earth’s poles.

Additionally, geologists will tell you that changes in the Earth’s polarity have and do happened, but they take a long time, like thousands of years, to make them happen.  They do not, and apparently have not, happened over night.  This is another example. We are in the midst of a pole shift. The thing is, none of us who are alive now will be alive when true north has become east or west once again.

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Maya Myth Moment–Planet X or Nibiru

Maya Myth Moment–Planet X or Nibiru

Today’s Maya Myth Moment involves what the pseudo-scientists like to call Planet X. It often is called Nibiru and is said to be this massive planet or left over planet depending on whom one talks to, that is on this collision course with Earth.  And of course, this has found its way into the Maya meme for Dec. 21, 2012.

Planets of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, let’s look at it from this perspective.  If there was a planet about to collide with the Earth in the next 26 days, don’t you think if you went outside you’d be able to see it?

I heard one reason why we can’t was because it’s coming in more from the Southern Hemisphere and really can’t be seen north of the Equator, which seemingly falls into the category of “anything to keep a good fish story going.”

NASA has said there is no impending doom associated with a coming collision with a mysterious planetary form in the next month.

Next myth, please.

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Are you getting ready for the Annular Eclipse?

We had contemplated a trip to Lubbock, Texas this weekend to be ready for the first annular eclipse to happen in the United States in the past 18 years, but with us nearing the completion of Dr. Mark Van Stone’s 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya as a multi-touch book for the iPad/interactive book for the iPad/iBook for the iPad (Did you read our post from ClaxtonCreative.com?) we thought it’d be better use of our time to stay in Dallas and work on that.

We are on the hunt for a great place in Dallas to shoot the cosmic event and we’re thinking that something involving the new Calatrava Bridge downtown will be just the ticket. It’s only supposed to be an eclipse of about 67 percent here in Dallas, so no ring of fire stuff, but hey, it’ll be something special to watch nonetheless.

Eclipse Anular

Eclipse Anular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there going to be darkness near you?

Does this eclipse have anything to do with Mayan prophecy?

Lots of things to discuss.  Obviously, like we did with the Supermoon, we’ll welcome your photos of the celestial happenings.

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CNN reports massive solar flares to remain active for Earth the next 13 days

CNN is reporting on its website that we are in a period where there is a massive sun spot that’s been detected on the sun’s surface and it could affect the Earth through solar flares for the next 13 days.

As we noted back in March via Dr. Mark Van Stone, this is not unusual and there are going to an increased number of solar flares.  Not because of Mayan prophecy, but because these things go in 11-year cycles and we’re in the midst of one.

So, if someone you know starts trying to tie this all to doomsday predictions of the Maya, tell them to just relax.  It’s been happening every 11 years since long before the Maya and it will keep happening long after we’ve come and gone as well.


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Supermoon 2012 Photos from Mesquite, TX

By Donny Claxton

My daughter, Chandler, 15, and I set up on the east side of Mesquite, Texas tonight in anticipation of the Supermoon of 2012–when a full moon happened at perigee–the moon’s closest point to the Earth in 2012.

Supermoon 2012. TheWondersExpedition.com

Here are the photos we took of this historic event.

Supermoon 2012--Mesquite, TX



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Supermoon 2012


There’s a full moon tonight–well, 96 percent–according to the SkyWalk iPad app.  Because the moon is a perigee–it’s closest point to the Earth, it’s supposed to look SUPER HUGE at its rising and setting.

According to SkyWalk, the moon should rise locally at 8:03 p.m. and set at 6 a.m. in the morning.

If you take a photo or two, please share them with us.

Here’s the first one from Gigi Zagorah in South Africa.  She reports that it looks like the moon of normal.  But as you’ll see, her photo is taken when the moon is high over the horizon.  It’s going to be the optical illusion effect that makes it seem larger than normal tonight.

We will publish more photos as they come in from around the world.


The Supermoon from South Africa, by Gigi Zagorah

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Dr. Mark Van Stone: Be Prepared, More Solar Flares Are On The Way

By Dr. Mark Van Stone
Author of 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya

Today, my favorite NPR station’s network broadcast was interrupted.  The local technicians had to improvise for a couple hours, because the satellite carrying their news feed was temporarily shut down by an electronic storm from the sun.  This is the kind of event that we shall see more of over the next 12 months, as we ride out a Solar Maximum.

IN SPACE - JANUARY 23:  In this handout from t...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The present Solar Max made its grand entrance two nights ago, catching our attention with the eruption of a strong solar flare, sending a coronal mass ejection towards earth, “Hocking a lugie” at us, as CNN put it.  On their website, CNN edited NASA’s press release thus:  “The equivalent of 10 billion tons of highly charged particles are hurtling at a rate of 3 million to 4 million miles an hour toward Earth.”

This is typical newsroom hyperbole.  Once I lived in New Hampshire, and whenever it snowed, I got anxious calls from my California relatives, concerned to hear of “Blizzards dumping tons of snow on New England.”  Yawn.  We got snowplows.  Now, my eastern relatives concernedly call when they learn of the latest 6.5-on-the-Richter-Scale earthquake that has “rattled” California.

To their credit, CNN featured a sober, trained meteorologist to give perspective to the event.  While warning that solar flare activity will indeed affect satellite communications, particularly GPS, he reminded us that this is normal, not a catastrophe.

Solar activity has an 11-year cycle: a rash of flares and solar storms for a few years, alternating with a period of relative quiet.  The peak of this cycle is known as a Solar Maximum, during which the sun roils and seethes with tremendous energy, often sending out huge fiery arcs.  These solar storms appear to us as dark “sunspots,” because they are relatively cool compared to the sun’s surface itself.  We are entering the peak year of the cycle.

Now, the last couple Solar Maxima have been relatively mild.  We have not had an intense storm for 30-odd years.  So, think back to the state of our long-distance communications in the early 1980s.  No cell phones, no GPS, and most of our long-distance calls went through cables, which are pretty robust, little-affected by solar flares.  Nowadays, nearly ALL our phone calls, Internet traffic, television, e-mail, stockbroker transactions, and burglar-alarm alerts go through satellites or cell-phone towers.  All these media are sensitive, easily disrupted by coronal ejections of charged particles.  Although no one can say for sure, many scientists expect this Solar Max could be a doozy, making up for the mild ones.  Or maybe not.

The worst-case scenario is a series of rolling blackouts.  The power grid can act like a miles-long antenna, and an electronic storm could pop some big fuses in the transmission stations, creating a domino-effect, cascading into massive blackouts that might last for a few hours (which is annoying) or a few days (which can be very expensive).  (This happened here in Southern California last September 8th, on which, more later.)   Perhaps equally problematic would be the loss of computer and telephone connections.  How would your life change if someone took away your Internet and phone for, say, three hours?  How about three days? (For a preview, ask someone in Iraq or Libya.)

During our blackout here in San Diego County and Tijuana, my worst inconvenience was that gas stations had no power to pump gas, so I couldn’t drive over to see my girlfriend.  And stores had to throw out massive amounts of produce and (un)frozen food.  (Dumpster-divers had a field day.  And, with no light pollution, I could see the glorious Milky Way from my parking lot, something impossible for the last half-century.  And, unable to watch TV or use the Internet, people came out of their homes, and actually talked to each other, sitting on stoops, and the like… It was great.  I think it would be a healthy policy for us to schedule a widespread power-shutoff for an hour once a month or so, just to slow us down a little… Dream on!)

In any case be prepared.  This kind of thing is going to happen more and more often, not less.

Now, I view the coming Solar Max disruptions as a nuisance, and wish to remind everyone that this is a regular event, whose effects are well known.  We don’t really suffer much down here on the Earth’s surface because we’re protected by the planet’s magnetic field, which directs the charged particles toward the poles, producing the Northern Lights.  And scientists don’t expect even a strong Solar Max to be particularly dangerous.  Even a tremendous solar flare, 10 times as big as we have ever seen, will not have the power to “blow away” this protective shield.  It would distort it, and maybe kill a few satellites whose electronics are not properly shielded.  But the worst we ought to expect is a long communications and travel blackout.  As bad as that could be—and, it could be pretty bad for some—It ain’t the end of the world.  This is not the collapse of civilization that overwhelmed the Maya, and the Olmec before them.  Not quite.

Sadly, most of the coming disruptions are preventable.  Hospitals already invest in backup power systems, stocking fuel and generators to carry them through a blackout.  Some entrepreneurs are already producing small, inexpensive generators for stores and gas stations.  Let’s hope SOME of our suppliers are investing therein!  (Computer programmers tell me that much of the expected Y2K “crash” was actually *prevented* by feverish activity of a band of noble geeks, staying up late rewriting code so computer systems would NOT crash.  Thank you!)  Nearly every problem we shall encounter due to solar storms will in some way be due to people neglecting to develop backups, or building robust shielding and delivery systems for power and data.

In any event, if a cascading-blackout, communications-satellite disruption, or other techno-failure results from this year’s Solar Maximum, it won’t be because the Maya foretold it.  It is mainly the fault of our short-sightedness, putting all our eggs in one basket; of trusting a fragile technology.

Which, on a wider scale, is what caused the Maya Collapse. And the Fall of Rome.

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