February 17, 2019

Maya Myth Moment–Destruction in the Popol Vuh

Maya Myth Moment–Destruction in the Popol Vuh

Editor’s Note: Apparently, the Maya didn’t predict the rise of a stomach virus here in Dallas either.  We’re a day behind but will make it all up Friday.

Today’s Maya Myth Moment features Dr. Barb MacLeod talking about the differences in the use of descriptions about destruction in the Maya creation stories of the Popol Vuh and how they’re different in stone monuments. She also elaborates about their understanding of cycles, which is critical to understanding what the may have or may not have expected with the coming end.

If you’re in Dallas, Texas, we encourage you to watch tonight’s 10 p.m. airing of WFAA Channel 8’s newscast with Robecca Lopez, who will be reporting on our book for iPad made by Claxton Creative with Dr. Mark Van Stone.  Once we have a link to the story, we’ll also share it here.


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