February 17, 2019

@RoadMonkeyOne All Set For The Road

This morning we got Allen Manning’s 2012 Equinox from @GMTexas all decked out with official markings from The Wonders Expedition.  He’s headed out west in about an hour.

Here’s the car to be looking for along the way.  He has Chevy prizes to hand out and we’ve got some here in Dallas, too.

If you see the car, take a photo of it and text it with the hashtag of #TWEChevy.  You very well may win a prize for your hard work!


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Chevy Delivers 2012 Equinox to Allen Manning for Trip to Anasazi Country

Our own Allen Manning departs Dallas tomorrow headed to the Four Corners Region of the United States to begin work on our interactive book about Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi Indians.  Watch the video of Allen Manning in his 2012 Equinox, Courtesy of @GMTexas

He just took delivery of the car, which will be decked out with identification information about TheWondersExpedition.com and our sponsor, GM of Texas, with the hashtag of #TWEChevy.

Allen’s got some great prizes to give away, too, from those who might spy the car on the road between here and New Mexico.  If you see the car, take a photo of it and then tweet it with the #TWEChevy hashtag.  You might just win some very cool stuff from Chevy!

Again, we offer a special thanks to Vicki Cosgrove of GM Texas for helping make this even possible.

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Meet Allen Manning, aka, @RoadMonkeyOne

The Wonders Expedition™ begins with images from a past shared with the present. Looking for a road map in these images, this Road Monkey seeks answers to long standing riddles cut across the landscape.

Etched ages before Conquistadors crisscrossed the American Southwest when wetter weather graced now parched plains.  Each image is a story of passing.

Passing generations, carving lives from a hostile environment along the southern central plains of the Three Rivers Valley near the Sierra Blanca Basin in New Mexico.

It’s believed that for 10,000 years human feet cut paths through these black varnished rocky hills recording their world. These images, many recognizable as big horn sheep, thunder birds (vultures) and medicine wheels.  While some appear to be shamans or other-worldly figures cut in black varnished rocks most laid down some 30-million years ago. The black desert varnish, a combination of manganese oxide, iron oxide and clay deposited on the volcanic stones by a native bacteria growing on boulders and rock surfaces accepts and holds well the long ago graffiti of Anasazi and later Jornada Mogollon natives.

What are these pieces? Messages, a mixed metamorphosis of cultures long lost, their wants and thoughts or prayers offered to the four winds. The descendants of those early artists still roam these hills, albeit in Chevys and Tahoes, etching on the ageless landscape the hopes, dreams and prayers in various graffiti.

Journey with this Road Monkey seeking the points between knowledge (light) and superstition (darkness) in an Equinox of unparalleled understanding.  Follow the adventure on Twitter with @roadmonkeyone, @archeoastronomy and our unique hashtag, #TWEChevy

Travels in the #TWEChevy Equinox begin Friday March 9, 2012…  Join us…


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The Wonders Expedition on the Road

Just came across this photo of late December in Destin, FL at the beach at sunrise.

Thanks, Chevy for making that adventure possible.  We had a good business meeting the night before and then had another good one in Tallahassee later that day before driving all the way back to Dallas that afternoon and into the next morning.

(While you’re here, take a peek around, follow us on Twitter (@Archeoastronomy) and LIKE us on Facebook.)

We are in the process of creating an incredible series of Interactive Books through iBooks 2 that Apple announced last week. With our products one will be able to go through history archeoastronomic sites around the world and feel like you’re there.  And if you ARE there, you’ll have the world’s best tour guide on your iPad.  How about that?

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Thank you, @ChevyTexan for the support

We are proud to announce that Vicki Cosgrove of Chevy here in North Texas called us about an hour ago to notify us we will have the use of a 2012 Chevy Traverse for the first road trip of The Wonders Expedition™ to Poverty Point, Louisiana.

On Twitter we will be using the hashtag #TWEChevy for the trip.  Make sure you follow us.

You can also check out updates from Facebook.

Details on the trip to follow.  Most importantly, we wanted to say thank you to Vicki Cosgrove.  We only made the request late Friday.

There still are Christmas Miracles…..


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