January 21, 2019


We are in the process of securing sponsors and will be posting our sponsorship deck here shortly.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Wonders Expedition, please do not hesitate to call 972-863-8784.

December 2011 Thanks to GM in Arlington, Texas

We want to offer a special thanks to Vicki Cosgrove of Arlington, Texas’ GM social media group who provided us with a 2012 Chevy Traverse for our first TWE adventure to Poverty Point, Louisiana Dec. 21-23, 2011.

(We have had a past working relationship with @ChevyTexan through other previous projects and the use of the vehicle for our first trip was a product of that and not intended to suggest that GM has officially become a sponsor of the project.) Nonetheless, we owe our deep gratitude to Ms. Cosgrove for her generosity and swift assistance.

March 2012 Thanks to GM in Arlington, Texas

For his March exploration of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and the home of the North American Anasazi Indians, Allen Manning enjoyed the use of a 2012 Chevy Equinox courtesy of Ms. Cosgrove and her Texas GM social media group.  We deeply appreciate the support!

The Wonders Expedition Equinox In New Mexico

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