January 21, 2019

Hannah Pethen, Archeologist & Egyptologist

Hannah Pethen
PhD Candidate, University of Liverpool.

Following an initial degree in Egyptian Archaeology at UCL and work with the Cambridge County Council Archaeological Field Unit, I completed an MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool in 2006. I then worked as an archaeologist and Senior Archaeologist at Museum of London Archaeology Service for four years until I began a PhD in Egyptian Archaeology at the University of Liverpool in 2010, specialising in modelling the impact of the visible landscape on religious structures at Middle Kingdom quarrying sites.

I have been working on archaeological excavations for 13 years, including sites in Belize, France, the Near East and five years at the Piddington Roman villa excavations in Northampton in the UK.

Since 2006 I have worked at the site of Gurob, in the Faiyum, with the University of Liverpool Gurob Harem Palace Project.

Initially I worked as a surveyor, developing and servicing the local site grid and plotting the locations of visible features and small finds on the site plans. Later I worked with surface pottery collection and analysis to understand the distribution of different types of pottery across the site, and how these may relate to the Harem Palace buildings, which were excavated in the early 20th century. During our most recent 2011 season in September I undertook a topographic survey of a third of the site, including the remains of the Harem Palace buildings and nearby town. The survey data is being used to create a three dimensional model of the site.

I will shortly return to Gurob in April 2012 to continue the survey of the Harem Palace and New Kingdom town.

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