January 21, 2019

Contributing Writers & Scholars

Hannah Pethen

Hannah Pethen, Egyptologist

Archeologist & Egyptologist: Hannah Pethen is a Ph.D candidate from the University of Liverpool and has been actively excavating ancient Egyptian Civilization sites for more than 13 years.  He has been working on her doctorate since 2010 in Egyptian Archaeology and is specializing in “modeling the impact of the visible landscape on religious structures at Middle Kingdom quarrying sites.”  She’s a talented writer and has a great eye for photography.

Dr. Mark Van Stone, Mayanist

Dr. Mark Van Stone

Mark Van Stone is a Maya expert specializing in  Maya Hieroglyphs and calligraphy. Van Stone’s books include “2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya” inspired by Maya inscriptions, astronomical knowledge, math, and myth, and “Reading the Maya Glyphs.” Responding to the upsurge in interest in “the Maya prophecies,” Prof. Van Stone has spent the last several years researching what the Ancient Maya actually said about 2012.

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