January 21, 2019

Thank You To Our Readers

By Donald J. Claxton, founder & CEO

The idea for The Wonders Expedition came to me in mid-July 2011.  At that time I began an extensive study to see if there was any correlation between the many man-made engineering Wonders of the world, and the more I researched and the more I compared, the more correlation I felt I’d found.

The more I’ve been around learned professors of academia, the more I’ve seen that they scoff at the idea that there could be some sort of correlation between similar activities that happened on one continent and those that happened on another, separated by thousands of miles of ocean, but almost, or even exactly at the same degree of latitude.

I respect greatly the wisdom of those in academia and certainly am paying attention to their ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

I just find it odd though that there are certain bands around the earth where the same activity was happening, sometimes even around the same time.  It’s just odd.

Thank You To Our Readers

As I’ve endeavored to assemble the team of professionals from around the globe now who are beginning to provide content for the site and who are leading the way in our development of interactive books for the new iPad, I wanted to add a special page for the benefit of our readers.  As I write this, it’s just the 7th day of March 2012 and by this time tomorrow, we will have eclipsed the total amount of traffic TheWondersExpedition.com had in all of February.  In February, we nearly tripled that of January.  We launched the site in the latter part of December.

We are seeing phenomenal growth in readership and it is awe inspiring.  Tonight I was talking with my dear, dear friend and TWE co-founder, Ally Stephenson, who lives in Huntsville, Alabama, and I was telling her about all of you who are visiting this site in rapidly growing numbers and both of us were just speechless as to how far this entire dream has come in just 8.5 months.  Our stats now show we have a strong level of readership in Germany, Russia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Argentina, of all places.  A few months ago this was all but a dream.  You are helping make it a reality.

Our mission is simple.  We want to provide you with an experience via our Website, and our forthcoming interactive books, initially just for the iPad, and hopefully, for all mobile devices as well, that you could only top by standing in an actual Wonders site itself.

We want you to feel like you were there, even if you may never ever get to go.

If you have been to one of the Wonders sites listed on our site and have photos or even want to write a guest piece about your experience there, or knowledge of the site, please let me know.  You can email me at (d claxton AT TheWondersExpedition dot com.)  I list it that way to keep from getting wonderful spam emails.

But please share with us as we are seeking to share with you and the experience will be all the more beneficial for all.

And thank, you again.  The dream is just now getting going.  There’s no telling where it will go and I hope it shall never end….

–Donald J. Claxton

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