January 21, 2019

Historian makes US Postal Service relevant again–For me at least

Historian makes US Postal Service relevant again

On Facebook Wednesday in Dallas, Texas, columnist James Ragland was writing about the latest news involving the US Postal Service and how they’re going to remain open on Saturdays now that Congress has basically flat told them they’re not going to be closing.

Friend and Dallas Morning News Columnist James Ragland

Friend and Dallas Morning News Columnist James Ragland

“So, the U.S. Postal Service plans to keep delivering mail on Saturdays, after all.
“I’m yawning because, quite frankly, all I get in the mail these days are solicitations and bills. And more bills.
“Few and far between are the nice handwritten letters I used to get from friends and relatives, thanks to texts, emails and all the other high-tech-hellos/how-are-yous.
“Nothing wrong with the trendy evites, sweet tweets or fruitful ‘friends’ requests, per se. But I do miss the old-fashioned, hard-to-read cursive charms that once filled my box.
“OK, ‘filled’ is a bit of a stretch, but I once upon a time got enough letters and personalized cards to make me feel mighty missed and possibly loved.”

I say all this to set up the facts of the situation. Through this foray into amateur Archaeoastronomy I’ve had the great pleasure to become friends with two wonderful Egyptologists and geo-wizards from London–Hannah Pethen Barrett, whom you’ve all met through her videos previously posted here on The Wonders Expedition, and her pal, Liz Jones. (Liz is the geo-wizard sporting high-tech GPS oriented survey equipment and lots of terms dropped into the Twitterverse that I do not and likely won’t ever understand.)

Back to the story at hand: Today I checked the mailbox, done so in much the same way described by my friend James above.  And what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a white square envelope, cursive handwriting, and an unusual blue sticker with “By Air Mail par avion Royal Mail” on it!  Turning the card over to the back were the letters “From: E.A. Jones.”  (The salutation at the end was from Liz and her manly man, Stu–an adventurous Englishman in his own right.)

My Easter Card from Liz Jones

My Easter Card from Liz Jones

Inside was a delightful Easter card with best wishes coming “from across the pond!  I hope spring has sprung for you guys–it’s miserable here!”

How fun, special and unique.

“Hopping” back to what James was writing yesterday, “The romantic philatelist in me also enjoyed inspecting the stamps on personal letters and wondering if they carried a subtle message, like a single red rose against a backdrop of weeds.

I’m happy to share with you the stamps that came on the outside, and a special one Liz attached to the inside of the card.

Fun Stamp from England

Fun Stamp from England

Beautiful Stamp from England

Beautiful Stamp from England

And so, friends, on both sides of the pond and around the globe as well, I hope you can sense the joy and excitement of having received a real card for a change–A card that’s traveled through many hands, thousands of miles and across the Atlantic Ocean just to get to me and my daughters.

It probably only took Liz a moment or two to pen the card and likely she’s not been pining away on her latest adventures wondering what’s become of it, but for me, it has incredible value because a friend of mine, one I’ve never met in person mind you, cared enough to do something so few of us even think about any longer.

Who could you send a card or letter to and make their day?

Trust me. This one’s going on display for a while and then it’s going to be tucked away in a drawer for some dreary day in days to come when I’m cleaning up or moving again and I’m going to sit and stop and remember the excitement of seeing what all was inside.

How’s that eCard you got the other day holding up?

And so, James, as you ended yesterday, yes, I’ve still got mail, and I’m quite the better for it.

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