February 17, 2019

Your Photo Galleries Are Welcomed!

We’ve added a photo gallery for inclusion on TheWondersExpedition.com and wanted to share with you the opportunity to post some of your visits to some cool sites on our pages.

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Do you have photos from:

Just to name a few?

If so, leave a comment and make sure you include your email address when you register.  We’ll be in touch shortly thereafter.  Would you like to offer a guest post on your adventure?  What was it like to be there? Do you have travel tips? The name of a great guide or tour service to use?  Where did you stay?  What were the smells and sounds like?


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  1. Georg Mueller says:

    Lighthouse of Alexandria built 280 – 247 BC http://bit.ly/sQW7X3

  2. Thank you for sharing, Georg.

    It clearly is on our list of Wonders sites that we will be posting and sharing more and more about as time goes on. Have you studied the site specifically? Would you be able to share more information about it?

  3. I have some photos of Sedona, AZ as well as a suite of Astrophotographs taken by me.



    Let me know if you can use something like this. I have more from Sedona.
    I’ll check my archives for other places.
    I may have some from Belize.

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