February 17, 2019

Mayan Light Beam from 2009 Now Making Waves in 2012

Well, we couldn’t pass this one up.

Over on Yahoo! they’ve posted a story about a man, one Hector Siliezar, who was visiting the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza back in 2009 and took three photos of El Castillo, a pyramid built to honor the god Kukulkan, and some how, what appears to be a Hollywood death ray is emanating out of the top of it and shining into the heavens.

Needless to say, we’re waiting for Giorgio A. Tsoukalos to appear at the end of it and affirm once again that this is proof that aliens are no longer ancient, but actually living amongst us.  Erich Von Daniken can’t be too far off, and Lord knows, David Childress needs to be involved here doing his imitation constipated and strained former President Bill Clinton voice saying, “Extra Terrestrials.”

But it is what it is.  Probably something to do with the lightening storm in the area and the light bouncing around in the guy’s iPhone.  That, or maybe it’s actually video of Steve Jobs ascending into the Heavens.

We will never know for sure.  It is great looking video.  But seriously, friends and amigos, if you had taken these photos back in 2009, wouldn’t you have had them out on the Net say, back in 2009 and not just be having them surface here in 2012?

Okay, Giorgio, let’s hear you: “There can only be one possible answer here….”



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  1. I’m a pretty amateur Photoshopper, but I could make the same thing in about 5 minutes.


  2. What would take you so long? 🙂 Thank you for visiting TheWondersExpedition.com. We hope you’ll come back regularly.

  3. beltemps says:

    nice find but you are way too late… 😉

    these pictures didn’t surface in 2012. in fact they appeared beginning 2010 for the first time. and abovetopsecret.com revealed them already as a hoax. there are several threads about this topic. I believe this was the first:


  4. Thanks for the comment! Yes, you’re right, clearly, they have been out on the Net for a while now. I think our point was more to the fact that they were just then appearing on Yahoo! Nonetheless, it is curious to see.

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