January 21, 2019

Maya Myth Moment–The End of Times 2012 11:11 a.m. UTC Dec 21

Maya Myth Moment–The End of Times 2012 11:11 a.m. UTC Dec 21

According to some predictions, the Dec. 21, 2012 end of times is slated for 11:11 a.m. UTC.  Or about 6:11 a.m. on the East Coast of the United States.

We talked earlier in the year with a man who swore on whatever data he’d assembled that death was due to come at noon on Dec. 21.  Out of concern for upsetting him, we didn’t ask which time zone he meant. At one point we just assumed that as it struck noon around each time zone, people would just fall out.  It’s been that kind of a year dealing with some of the nonsense that’s come about.

From our discussions and work with Dr. Mark Van Stone, who has published as a book for iPad–2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya, there is nothing in Maya prophecy that establishes a time for our passing.  And if you really think about it, if there was such an ending predicted by the Maya, there’s not, it would most likely be the Central time zone, which closely mirrors those in Mesoamerica. But we digress.

Another Maya Myth debunked!


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